Let the world know about the positive impact of your SME

We help start-ups and small businesses tell the world about themselves and their ethical and socially responsible activities that make them fair to trade with

Social Media Management

We can look after your platforms while you get on with business

Where do your customers go and where do you want to be seen?

We can create and schedule content for you to draw customers in and keep them interested on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. After an initial discovery call, we will create a customised social media blueprint especially for your business.

We’ll keep you updated on your social analytics, and optimise your social media content to ensure they reach your marketing goals.

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Give to charity by outsourcing your social media

How we donate 10% of your fee to a charity of your choice

10% of every invoice we raise will go to a charity chosen by you via Work For Good. At the beginning of your relationship with Seeing Social, we will ask to pass on your email address to Work For Good, who will send you a list of charities that you can choose for some of your fee to go to.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

How can your business have a positive impact on the planet?

CSR is no longer optional for businesses. 70% of consumers consider a company’s commitment to social responsibility to be important when buying a product or service. (MORI/CSR Europe 2000). By working with you, we can help you decide how you can incorporate sustainability into your business practice so your followers can see that by supporting you, they are supporting a greater cause
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Benefits of using Seeing Social

  • The typical SME owner spends 20 hours a week on marketing - we can save you this time by managing your social media platforms
  • Your website is your introduction to the world - we can make sure it is optimised best for your customers
  • 70% of consumers consider a company’s CSR before buying - we will ensure that you fit this bill and communicate it effectively
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