Your customers are now a lot closer to you on social media now they are in self isolation or working from home. Worrying about continually posting is especially not valid as your followers want entertainment, inspiration and information on something other than how previous pandemics have gone or the prognosis of the current one. Make sure your social media is on point with these ideas:

  • Tell your followers what you are up to - give them a break from the constant stream of graphs and press articles with images of the view from your window, the products you are selling, the views you have on anything other than global pandemics or simply inspire them with things they can plan to do once lockdowns are over.

  • Are you working with people remotely? Tell this to your followers! Use an image of yourself in a computer screen or tablet frame (found from Canva or your nearest graphic designer) and tell people it’s business as usual even though it’s not strictly face to face.

  • Show people how your products can help them with hygiene - whether that be wearing gloves for purposes other than keeping fingers warm, or lovely soap to keep handwashing a pleasant experience (or a really good hand cream to protect your clean skin). Reinforce how normal things will help.

  • Stay present on your platforms - leave those accounts open so you can instantly respond to any DMs or comments. Develop those relationships now and they’ll remember you forever. We had a great conversation on why socks should be colourful (so you can find them in the drawer, obviously) with a client’s Twitter followers this morning!


Jo Barber -