Posted 4th Feb 2019 by Jo

Repeating Yourself On Social Media

Repetition is a total no no when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, but for social media, it is an effective way to raise and retain awareness of your brand and encourage engagement. No-one is online 24/7 and due to low organic reach on most social media platforms, repeating your announcements will ensure that the majority of your followers will see your latest news.

The answer to how often and when can be found by looking at the analytics in your chosen platform. Some are more detailed than others, (e.g. Facebook will give you a time when the majority of your followers are online, whereas Twitter will give you demographic information once you have enough followers).

By posting your content when most of your followers are online will mean that you will be seen, liked and shared. For platforms that don’t give you detailed analytics, (Twitter!) look at the demographics - what country are your followers in? It makes sense to post during peak times, such as rush hour, lunch time and going home time.

Facebook - when users are online

Many business owners worry that repeating themselves will see them lose followers, but that is not the case at all. How often have you seen something you like when you glance at Facebook on the commute that you mean to go back to and never do? Promoting an offer, competition or discussion first thing in the morning is a great way to catch the attention of people, but repeating it at a later time, when they can see it and engage because they are not on their way to work. You may also like to plan repetitions so they ‘fit into’ another time zone, e.g. evening in the UK and morning on USA East coast.

Organic reach may be on the decrease, but you can make sure that your posts are available to your followers when they are most likely to be online. Contact us today so we can make your social content more visible.

Jo Barber, 4/2/19