In today’s digital world, there is simply no need for office workers to be on site. We use computers to communicate - the trend for ‘facetime’ has shifted from bums on seats to a certain video calling service. There are many advantages to hiring a remote worker like myself for your social media management - I’ll never be late and you won’t need to find me a desk!

As well as managing my mental health better by not having to commute (and my physical health during the cold season!), I’m also lessening my carbon footprint by not having to travel every morning and evening.

I manage social media for clients located all over the world from my home office. I access their accounts online to ensure their approved messages are communicated to followers, and I use digital tools, such as Canva, to create content, as well as Buffer for scheduling. As this can be created online and then emailed or digitally shared for approval, there is no need to trouble clients for office space.

My typical work process with a client looks like this:

  • Introduction - my first approach is always a call, on the phone or via Skype to find out about your business and how I can help.

  • Content Plan Creation - I will use Google Drive tools to create your social scripts for you. These can be downloaded in PDF or Microsoft format so you can read them. I can share them with you over Google Drive or Dropbox so we can both make edits (or email!).

  • Access - sign ins for the platforms you wish me to manage can be provided via email or encrypted WhatsApp for security. With Facebook, I request access via Business Manager so there is no need to share a password.

  • Daily - when I log in remotely, I will check what the best times for your posts to happen and make sure they are scheduled accordingly.

  • Availability -we have e-mail, WhatsApp and phone for our ‘internal’ communications - I am as available to you as much as I would be in your office. 

Social media is online.. Therefore my presence online is all your business needs.

Jo Barber, 8/7/19