What our clients say about us

"I've been very impressed with your approach and will keep you top of mind for any more organic social clients I have coming through. I've always struggled to find quality organic social managers and you're definitely one of the good ones!"

- Ollie Simpson, Growth Division


"Some marketing agency contacts messaged us saying they couldn’t believe how professional and consistent the communications, branding and marketing for OMA were for a totally voluntary organisation"

- Oxford Mutual Aid


"Jo has been a lovely lady to work with and I am grateful I had her help me grow my Instagram! The amount of time I saved with her really spoke volumes, I could just focus on my art. Thank you Jo,  I hope we can work again in the future :)"

- Loren Danielle Art (@the_fire_sprite)


"Jo and I worked in together for a client with an inspiring and ambitious project. She was always a pleasure to work with. In her role of social media manager, she was attentive, accurate and approachable. As the Graphic Designer, her communication was great at helping me understand their content so I could create suitable visuals. I would highly recommend Jo!"

- Helen Wyatt


"He was very impressed with your swift response on Facebook Messenger"

- Pete Quinn Consulting


"People like you make the world a better place to live in".

- Rebecca Massie, Founder, The Better Because Project


"Jo made sure my brand remained present to my followers on Facebook & Twitter, and also responded to PMs and sourced images for me to use. Recommend Jo 100%W

- Devscreencast


"From the very offset, Jo was hot off the mark to respond to a social media query I posted requesting support for the 2019 euronics show case event.

Diligently Jo plowed through over 100 social media health checks, ensuring all crucial elements had been analysed and reported on with scrupulous detail, giving me the confidence to carry this through into the final branded documents.

Jo kept me updated at every stage of the game and delivered all of the information within a tight time frame. Her attention to detail and working practices are second to none and I couldn't have been happier with what she delivered.

It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Jo and I look forward to working with her again in the future. Heart felt thanks to Seeing Social and the brilliant mind behind it. Respect!" 

- Emma at Moxie Business Marketing


'Jo, you are a force!  Thank you so much for not only managing my social media but actively helping me shape my business and find the best way to expand.  I have been planning to venture outside of weddings for so long and my logo has been sat there since the start, (as many of our clients are multi-industry) and if I just added LGBTQ Equality Business to the website navigation, it might be confusing for readers.  Coming up with Not Just Weddings is an incredible way to lead people into a multi-industry space where I plan to add a lifestyle blog in the future.  It's as if future Jo has come back in time to tell me where my business is going.  Thank's future Jo, you think quicker than I ever could! 

- Ava Korwin,  www.lgbtqequalityweddings.com


'Jo has got up to speed really fast with taking on our social media daily updates.  She was really open to suggestion and adapted fast to our needs. Viewers, visitors and engagement remain high and we are delighted.'



'Jo is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever worked with. Very kind, available and provides an affordable service. Whenever someone needs clarification she is always available via Skype or email. The care from Seeing Social to their own customers is just beyond awesome. :-)'

- Damy Mojitodka  - FROZEN PICNIC


"I found Jo very approachable and helpful. She understood what I needed and delivered quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend Jo and Seeing Social to anyone looking for help with their social media strategies and performance."

- Jane Leach, Chartered Architect, I-ARCHITECT