Social Media Management

We can look after your platforms while you get on with business

Where do your customers go and where do you want to be seen?

We can create and schedule content for you to draw customers in and keep them interested on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. After an initial discovery call, we will create a customised social media blueprint especially for your business.

We’ll keep you updated on your social analytics, and optimise your social media content to ensure they reach your marketing goals.

Our Approach

When is the best time to post on social media - who is your target market and how do they listen? Before work on the commute? At lunch? After lunch when they’re trying to get into afternoon mode at work? Where in the world are they? All of these questions will indicate which platforms are best to use and the optimal times for when we will post for you.

What to post - do you have regular content updates or is your website static? Followers need to be told about new things as they happen and reminded about things that are happening. Do you want to script the content or can we advise and suggest? Do you need images created to go with your inspiring words? We can do that too, and size them correctly for all of your platforms. Your social media will keep your business moving.

Accessible - when we create your content, we’ll make sure that everyone from screenreader users to the people who need watch videos in silence can understand your message, by ensuring that hashtags #MakeSenseToScreenreaders, pictures have image descriptions (will also help your search engine optimisation!) and videos have subtitles.

Social Media Results - what content performs best? How? All these questions and any other information you want from your social media reporting we will gather for you and present in an easy to read document.

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