Posted 31st Aug 2018 by Jo

Seeing Social - the process

It was at the Emerge 2011 conference when I was inspired by the words of the late Pamela Hartigan of the Skoll Centre: Business has to clear up the mess it has made of the world. It seemed amazing to me that businesses didn’t seem to be interested in sustainability, whether that be supporting their local communities or making it easier for customers to lessen their carbon footprints, and I vowed I’d change that.

After five years of working in business development and marketing, I decided to take the plunge and do what I was born to do - combine my interest in marketing with my passion for corporate social responsibility. Individuals can do all they can to defeat climate change and other global issues, but it is businesses who are going to make the real difference.

Seeing Social’s aim is to enable brands to shout about the good that they are doing in the world. By doing this, clients will attract customers as 70% of consumers prefer the company who are having a positive impact over the competitor that focuses solely on their profits.

How we make your positive impact show

A Chat

We want to ensure you are marketed to the world in the way you want - we want to meet you so we can truly get a feel for you and your business. We can do this online, in person or over the phone - we want you to feel comfortable talking to us.

Marketing Audit

We will produce a report for you on what your communications are doing well, what could be improved and how Seeing Social can help you ensure that the world knows about your positive impact. From this you can decide what elements you would like us to help you with.

Corporate Social Responsibility

If you are not sure how to start doing this, we can discuss with you where you would like to have an impact and how to put this into action. You might choose from the below or have other ideas we can help you action and put into your advertising:

  • Using sustainable equipment

  • Donations to your preferred charity

  • Recycling

  • Finding ethical suppliers

  • Carbon neutral travel

Social Media Management

Social media leads to your website and converts viewers into customers. We can create and schedule content for you to draw customers in and keep them interested on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

We’ll keep you updated on your website’s analytics, and optimise both your web and social media content to ensure they reach your marketing goals.

We can make sure the 70% who prefer CSR friendly brands will choose you over your competitors by ensuring this is a feature of your social media. Get in touch today so we can formulate a plan that will impact both your business and the planet.

31/8/18 - Jo Barber -